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Nick Ray’s F1D Box

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Nick Ray’s F1d Box

F1D Box

Click here to download a PDF of the plan.

When I set out to build this box, I was looking for a way to fit the same number of models into a smaller space. The airlines have continued to restrict the size of carry on items, so my goal was to create a durable box that appears to be delicate and smaller than its actual size. I also decided to move away from storing the wings and stabs on sliding trays due to occasional damage resulting from mishandling the models when I was tried.

I originally intended to use this box for the 2012 World Championships, but did not have time to complete it before the contest. After the contest I finished the box and have been using it since early 2013. I have had several requests to publish the design, and I set out to draw up a plan. The complexity of the design and my desire to accurately convey all of the nuances of the design have significantly delayed its publication. What I am presenting here is cobbled together from communications with other fliers. I would hardly call what is presented here good enough for publication, but at the same time I suppose something is better than nothing at all.

The box is constructed from baltic birch and aircraft grade 1/4″ birch plywood. The windows are constructed from 0.093″ Lexan polycarbonate. The hardware is brass, purchased from Woodcraft. The window clasps have been modified to facilitate opening out rather than up. Several coats of polyurethane were applied to protect the box from water and rubber lubricant.

The interior structure is made from 3/8″ x 1/4″ basswood and the side-stops are made from 1/32″ basswood.  0.060″carbon fiber rods, 0.125″ OD x 0.060ID carbon fiber tubes are anchored in the basswood structure. The trays for the propellers and fuselages are made by gluing the carbon tubes to a 0.118″ x o.039″ strip such that when viewed from the front they look like the following.


The box as pictured is configured to house four models and eight props, even though it contains only three models and eight props in the pictures. 0.210″ OD x 0.0132″ ID tubes have been fitted over the 0.125″ OD x 0.060″ ID tubes to shift the wings and stabs vertically to accommodate the elliptical dihedral. Hopefully that does not cause too much confusion. I am hesitant to publish the dimensions of the interior structures because they really need to be tailored to the user’s models in order to work properly. Otherwise, the wings and stabilizers can be crushed or move around too much. Approximately an 1/8″ of play in each of the three axises is ideal.  Although the plan is drawn to scale, so the dimensions can be obtained, they are designed for the models I was flying in 2012.

Nick Ray 4.23.2015


Front View


Top View


Side View – Right


Side View – Left


Rear View


Bottom View


Tray Extended – Front View


Tray Extended – Back View


The Dumore Model S-16 High-speed Sensitive Drill Press: Buying, Re-furbing, and Hot-rodding

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Jim Richmond’s Cat II Record F1D

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Jim Richmond’s Cat II Record F1D

Richmond Old SaltRichmond Old Salt Writeup


Jim Richmond and Leo Pilachowski


Jim’s F1D

Click here to download a PDF of the plan.