Indoor News and Views (INAV) was founded in 1960 by Bud Tenny to report on the happenings and developments taking place in the Indoor Free Flight community. The newsletter has since served as the primary source of information on Indoor Free Flight model aircraft worldwide. Indoor News and Views publishes articles, plans, and contest information pertaining to all aspects of Indoor Free Flight. The content of the newsletter is reader-generated and ranges from beginner’s level “how-to” articles to FAI World Championship coverage.

This fall, Indoor News and Views is making the transition from a print based publication to a web-based format. The goals for the news letter will remain the same. INAV still seeks to enlist its readership to document and publish accomplishments of the global Indoor Free Fight community. This format will now allow for more efficient and cost effective publishing.

Thank you for visiting Indoor News and Views. Please take a moment to explore our downloads page and sample our publications.

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