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Lakehurst Labor Day Report – 2019

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Lakehurst Labor Day Report – 2019

Brett Sanborn

After a four-month delay, the East Coast Indoor Modelers (ECIM) regained base access and resumed flying in Hangar 1. The main tenant of the hangar decided to forestall our license and access when it came up for renewal in April. According ECIM club president Horace Hagen, there was a misunderstanding and the primary tenant believed we were flying large gas powered outdoor aircraft and was worried about damaging stored equipment. After much explanation and many meetings, Horace was able to obtain a new license for this year. Along with the new license, a few new rules were put into effect, but they were minor. Though a full list was provided by Horace, some highlights include that we are no longer allowed to close any doors that are open and now must park at the west end of the hangar. Being able to close the large door at the east end of the hangar would be nice, but overall it didn’t have a huge effect. Other than that, it was business as usual at Lakehurst. We did get a couple visits from the base police, but it was due to their interest in seeing the models rather than for monitoring our conduct. Nonetheless, we must be on our best behavior while flying to ensure future access.

Conditions over Labor Day weekend were good. Saturday was probably the best weather-wise, closely followed by Sunday. Temperatures inside the hangar were about 80 degrees and 40% humidity. On Sunday, we experienced some drift toward the west end of the hangar especially when models were up high. Though it may have been exacerbated by the open end-door, this pattern is normal. We had scattered thunderstorms on Monday. The air was still flyable in general, but we were dodging drips during flights. I had a flight that began stalling around unexpectedly, and indeed when it landed I found some large water droplets on the stab. Luckily none of the film is damaged by falling water droplets. The storms cleared up around 1 hour before sunset, so we were able to make a few final flights before it got dark.

The lack of availability due to the national helium shortage had an impact on our flying. The Party Fair in Toms River will no longer rent the club a helium tank. I called several places in New Jersey and Ohio and was told ‘no’ by all but one. Though this store was willing to rent a tank, they wanted to charge $650 for 300 cubic feet. We were forced to drive to the store and fill up a single balloon (for a whopping $20) and drive it back to the hangar. Steve Fujikawa and John Kagan filled their mylar balloons at the store which are advantageous in that they do not need to be topped off daily to be useable. The balloons lasted the entire weekend.

The contest was attended by Steve Brown, John Kagan, Andrew Welter and his dad Ron, Mike Coplan, Steve Fujikawa, Dave Campbell, and me. Andrew practiced and qualified for the Junior F1D team selection contest which will be held at Lakehurst over Columbus Day weekend.





Brett Sanborn:  31:24 + 31:08 = 62:32

Andrew Welter: 21:25 + 19:15 = 40:40

Steve Brown: 26:08


John Kagan: 20:13

Mike Coplan: 20:00


Mike Coplan: 6:25


Mike Coplan: 7:06



Akihiro Danjo’s VP Mechanism for F1M and F1D

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Akihiro Danjo’s VP Mechanism for F1M and F1D

VPF1MF1D copy1

VPF1MF1D copy2

Click here to download a PDF of the plan.


Construction Photo Essay:

Drive arms and stop arm are made from a single piece of 0.011” music wire for F1M and .008” for F1D.


The shaft is inserted though the arms. The shaft diameter is 0.013” to .015” for F1M and .012” for F1D.


Tape the arms and a shaft on this jig to set 45 and 90 angles.


I use Stay Brite though any solder will be OK.


The main body is 2mm thick #10-12 balsa, 3mm tapered to 2mm for F1M. Lighter wood and 2x2mm for F1D. I use total eight figure ‘8’ hinges for F1M and four figure ‘8’ hinges for F1D.


I use Kevlar thread for hinges. Kevlar thread is untwisted to get suitable strands.


Kinoshita-san uses silk thread for F1D, but I use Kevlar for F1D too.


A socket filler is used for F1M only and it is 2.0mm dia by 8mm long balsa.


Shaft bearing is cut from stainless steel tube. HTX-23-6TW (.025”od x .017”id) for F1M.



The Drive pin is 0.011” wire for F1M and .008” wire for F1D.
Drive pin for F1M is short and straight. It is inserted (pushed) into the socket tube and the filler and then CyA glued.
Drive pin for F1D is ‘?’shape and is glued to outside of the socket tube (therefore there is no filler for F1D).


Spring supports are 2x2mm #10 balsa for F1M and a little lighter balsa for F1D.
This is an extra short spring, so the supports are not a triangle but just a small block.


Stopper screws are nylon #0-80 x1/8” for F1M and 00-90 for F1D.
Screw holders are #10-12 balsa. I don’t use a tap for threading. Just only screw a nylon screw into the prepared hole. Sometimes very thin glue is used to harden the thread.


Adjust the height of the screw holders and glue them on the main body.


If you need softer, thinner, spring for F1D, it will be better to join thinner, i.e .010”, wire together than using thinner than .012” wire for the shaft.



2019 Otto Hints Memorial

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Evan Guyett’s 2019 US Team Selection Model

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Evan Guyett’s 2019 US Team Selection Model

F1DOrange2019TeamSelection-Model copy 2F1DOrange2019TeamSelection copy

Click here to download a PDF of the plan.


Ivan Treger’s 2019 European Championship Model

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Ivan Treger’s 2019 European Championship Model

F1D ME 2019 001F1D ME 2019 material 001

Click here to download a PDF of the plan.


2019 European Championships Results

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2019 European Championships Results

ME_F1D_2019_resultsFINtitl copy 1ME_F1D_2019_resultsFINtitl copy 2ME_F1D_2019_resultsFINtitl copy 3ME_F1D_2019_resultsFINtitl copy 4


Click here to download a PDF of the results.




Don DeLoach’s National Championship HLG

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Don DeLoach’s National Championship HLG

DeLoach IHLG Nats winner 2019

Click here to download a PDF of the plan.