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Romanian Max Indoor

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Romanian Max Indoor


Click here to download a PDF of the plan.
Attached you have a plan of my last Indoor Max and some pictures.
Sorry  for the quality of the pictures.
The rules for this category require maximum 600 span min. 15 gr. weight of the model, max 5 grams weight of the rubber and start of the model from the floor.
We have in Romania around 100 sport halls with a 7 meters height and size of a handball court. This category is quite popular here, we have national Champs and 5-6 Romanian Cup contests. Maximum attendance was around 60 competitors.
I never flew these models in the mine.
I think that this category is good to build and fly if someone wants to enter F1D, the weight of model and rubber are 10 times bigger than F1D , the principle of flying is similar, the covering material is 1.5 – 2 microns mylar.
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