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Manuel Angel Diaz’s F1R

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Manuel Angel Diaz’s F1R


Click here to download a PDF of the plan.

Since the first flight test, the behavior of QuasyTamdem has been very good. Under an 8m roof the plane is able to do 17 min without any problems. With some adjustments, the time can be increased significantly.

In general model is very robust, and the behavior in the early flight is suitable despite the high torque of the rubber in these early stages. I chose the microfilm coating in order to save some weight in the covering and to increase wood sections in order to gain in stiffness.

The coating of the propeller, on the contrary, is Y2K2. This makes it a bit more robust in order to avoid damage when it touches the ground for example.

The rubber torque remains high enough throughout the flight which, combined with propeller pitch change, makes the model maintain a smooth flight pattern throughout the flight. The model climbs gently up to the ceiling, and comes down on the last winds of the motor. The motor-stick allows for larger rubber sizes, which would probably increase the flight times.

The V.P. mechanism has the spars on the front. This system is the one I like because although the length of the drive pins are greater, the carbon drive arm is closer to the hub of the propeller. Therefore the top stop arm is shorter. Besides the longer arms, the carbon driver arm and pins makes the mechanism more “manageable.” Therefore, it is easier to handle and adjust the mechanism. Furthermore, small clearances between elements are necessary for more accurate operation of the mechanism.

A combination that includes a larger section of rubber, accompanied by an adjustment in the variable pitch mechanism to reduce the rate of climb, will probably increase flight times.

~ Manuel Angel 6.17.2016



Yuan Kang Lee’s World Championship F1D

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Yuan Kang Lee’s World Championship F1D

Kang F1D 3+ Sweet Luke copy 1 Kang F1D 3+ Sweet Luke copy 2Click here to download a PDF of the plan.


Joshua Finn’s Cat I Record F1R

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Joshua Finn’s Cat I Record F1R

Finn 1 Finn 2 Finn 3

Click here to download a PDF of the plan.