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15th Pikes Peak Ceiling Climb – March 21, 2021

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15th Pikes Peak Ceiling Climb – March 21, 2021

Manitou Springs High School – Category I – Manitou Springs, Colorado

Don DeLoach, CD

Thanks to the Manitou Springs School District for allowing use of their
large gym as our “lifeboat” site for the 15th PPCC. Next year we hope to
return to the 37′ Colorado Springs Auditorium. This year the Aud. was
being used as hospital for COVID-positive homeless.

I want to first thank my very helpful friends at the CD table, Mark
Covington and Sean McEntee. Neither of these guys were PPCC contestants,
yet they selflessly devoted most of their Sunday to helping out!
Amazing, and much appreciated.

We had a great contest with some very fun flying. With 20 paid flyers
there was often periods of 10 or more airplanes in the air at once. My
best LPP flight survived two midairs and multiple dicey steers.

Chuck Andraka brought a large group of Youth up from Albuquerque, and
they cleaned up against the “experts.” Congrats, folks! Notable
performances were put in by Quinn Sorbello in hotly-contested LPP and
Monet Ramacciotti who set a Sr. record in F1M.

Rob Romash won Grand Champ for about the tenth time with a perfect score
of five firsts. Congrats Rob!

Please consider attending next year. We are working hard to keep indoor
alive in the Mountain West, but we need your support.


Don DeLoach     25.2+24.5       49.7
Rob Romash      23.2+21.3       44.5

Towline Glider
Don DeLoach     33.6+29.6       63.2
Rick Pangell    17.5+15.7       33.2

SCLG/UCLG combined
Rob Romash      21.8+24.3       46.1
Quinn Sorbello  21.1+21.3       42.4
Don DeLoach     17.4+20.0       37.4
Rick Pangell    15.9+17.3       33.2
D. Aronstein    15.2+16.6       31.8
Jerry Murphy    17.2+13.1       30.4

Tiny Glider
D. Aronstein 2.375″  12.0+11.9  23.9
Rob Romash          14.1+6.8    20.9

FAC No-Cal Scale
David Aronstein 6:01
Rick Pangell            2:53
Don DeLoach             :58

FAC Peanut
Don DeLoach             Fike    114
Rick Pangell            Fike    63

FAC WWII No-Cal Combat
David Aronstein  Gloster        1st
Don DeLoach       Spitfire      2nd
Rick Pangell      P-40          3rd

Limited Pennyplane
Quinn Sorbello  (Sr)    6:55
Don DeLoach             6:36
Anjulie Sorbello (Sr)   5:46
Josiah Rose (Sr)        5:45
Pete Steinmeyer         5:25
Rob Romash              5:23
Hannah Rose  (Jr)       5:18
Chuck Andraka           5:11
Rick Pangell            3:41
Jerry Murphy            3:32
John McGrath            3:23
Elijah Rose  (Sr)       2:23
Monet Ramacciotti  (Sr) 1:15
Montana Ramacciotti (Jr)        :49

Josiah Rose             4:34
Michael Rose            3:50
Chuck Andraka           3:39
Elijah Rose             3:34
Monet Ramacciotti       3:27
Montana Ramacciotti     3:09
John ?                  1:48

Easy B
Rob Romash              5:48
David Aronstein 5:12
Pete Steinmeyer         5:10

Rob Romash              5:10

John McGrath            1:51
Skilly DeLoach          1:40
Chuck Etherington       1:28
Darold Jones            1:25

Phantom Flash
Don DeLoach             4:17
Chuck Etherington       3:28
Rick Pangell            2:40

Phantom Flash Mass Launch
Don DeLoach             1st
Chuck Etherington       2nd
Rick Pangell            3rd
Jerry Murphy
Rob Romash

Rob Romash              4:43
John McGrath            4:13

Rob Romash              5:34

Monet Ramacciotti (Sr)  3:48*
Rick Pangell            1:21
Chuck Andraka           :37
*pending AMA record

P-18 Mass Launch
Skilly DeLoach   1:40   1st
Darold Jones            2nd
John McGrath            3rd
Rick Pangell            4th
Chuck Etherington
Monet Ramacciotti (Sr)
Montana Ramacciotti  (Sr)       
Rob Romash

Grand Champ – Colorado Cup
Rob Romash              17 points (5 1sts)
Don DeLoach             16 (5 1sts, 1 2nd)
David Aronstein 12 (3 1sts, 1 2nd, 1 5th)