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Walkalong Glider Postal Round 2

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Walkalong Challenge, Round 2

First of all, “Thank You!” to all who participated in the Walkalong challenge this February/March by posting videos, challenges accomplished, & sending notes.  And to Nick Ray (INAV), Alan Petersen & Dave Lindley (NFFS) and others who got the word out and provided a means for  participants to post their results and videos.
Second, since the plan for the Hallway Harrier has come out in the March/April 2021 NFFS Digest, how about a 2nd round?  Now through the end of July.  Let’s remove some restrictions, and add some new challenges:
– Fly anywhere, not just in your home.  Things are opening up, so if you can get into a gym or auditorium, use it.  Outdoors OK too.  If you fly at an Indoor meet,  please be considerate.  Walkalongs are great for engaging visitors, kids of all ages, and spectators; but this has to be balanced with minimizing the impact to the main event.  We recommend discussing with the Contest Director ahead of time about if, where, and when it might be OK to fly walkalong gliders.  Sometimes there are adjoining rooms or hallways where walkalong flying can be conducted without stirring up the air in the main venue.
– Expanded list of challenges:

  • Basic Duration – 30 second flight
  • Advanced Duration – 60 second flight
  • NEW – Elite Duration – 2 minute flight
  • NEW – Outdoor flight of at least 30 seconds
  • Closed course, 3 laps.  (It gets hard when you start Lap 2 and encounter your own wake!)
  • Inflight handoffs from one pilot to another.  Complete 3 handoffs in one flight.  There are many ways to do this.  Send the glider from one pilot to the other; or have one pilot come alongside and assume control.  They can hand off the board, or each pilot can use their own board.  It takes some practice!
  • Fly 30 seconds without a board, using just your hands / head / body to generate slope lift.
  • Design your own walkalong glider.  This is not a one-design event!  The Hallway Harrier is offered as a design to get you started.  There are no limits on design or construction.
  • NEW – Obstacle Course.  Cover at least 3 obstacles in one flight.  Obstacles could include any of the following, or make up your own.  High bar (fly over), limbo bar (fly under), hula hoop (fly through), slalom (fly zig zag through at least 4 markers set in a straight line); precision landing (on a table or countertop, or a marked ‘runway’ on the floor).  There are no fixed parameters.  Size, height, and spacing of obstacles depends very much on the location where you are flying, so make it challenging but not impossible.  Be creative and have fun!

Submit results to Indoor News and Views 

Submission Form

Results Sheet/Competition Log

As before, videos of your accomplishments are recommended but not required.  You can upload it via the results form; or post it yourself and provide the URL on the form.  You can submit it to the NFFS YouTube channel if you want:
There are no restrictions on design & construction of the gliders or the boards.  But if you want a starting point, the Hallway Harrier plan is in the March/April 2021 NFFS Digest and also on the Indoor News and Views website. Some other resources are listed below.

Slater Harrison’s walkalong glider site: – patterns for paper and foam gliders, building and flying tips, foam sheets and pre-made gliders available to order (nonprofit and supports physics education!).

Phil Rossoni’s walkalong glider site: – designs, building and flying instruction, science project ideas, contest / game ideas, and videos.  Patterns for foam, paper, and stick-and-tissue gliders.Happy landings!