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From the Editor’s Desk:

From 1960 to October of 2012, the newsletter was distributed via print media several times a year. Over the years, too many people to name have supported INAV by providing editorial and publishing services. However, the strength of INAV has always been its content, which is provided by its readers. Beginning in November of 2012, Indoor News and Views will switch over to a web-based format. Much of what the indoor community has come to love about INAV will remain the same. Nonetheless, there will be a few changes that I hope will make the newsletter more informative and timely, and will simultaneously reduce the cost associated with its production.

The content of INAV will continue to be generated by its readers. The submission process is now somewhat more streamlined. To submit an article, simply follow the instructions on the submissions page. All submissions will be reviewed  by an editor with some knowledge of the content being submitted. Once the article is approved for publication, it will be posted to the blog section for everyone to read. Once we have 40 pages worth of new content I will compile a new INAV issue and post it in the download section. Thus, it will still be possible for anyone who wants one to print a PDF of the issues.

Other changes that will affect INAV have to do with the new functionality of web based publication. We will be able to offer contest announcements under our events section. The events postings will be updated in a timely manner, thereby resolving INAV’s historical problem of publishing the contest announcement and results in the same issue. Also, we now have the ability to allow comments on the content we publish. There has been some concern expressed about ensuring that all of the comments posted are constructive and polite. For the time being, I am trusting INAV’s readership to conduct itself accordingly. However, if I am given cause, I will remove the comments feature from the blog. Last but not least, INAV will no longer be charging subscription fees. The web based format is much cheaper to produce and maintain. Therefore, INAV can now be sustained with occasional donations from its readership. Thank you to those of you whose donations have made the continuance of the newsletter possible all these years.

I now invite you to start writing and drafting content. Without your submissions there is no INAV.  I will try to keep my meanderings about the business of INAV to a minimum from here on out so that we can start enjoying reading about our hobby again.


Nick Ray