Ben Saks’ Float Is In Postproduction.

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Ben Saks’ Float Is In Postproduction

The article below is copied from an update that went out to their backers on February 7th.

“We appreciate all of your continued support, and apologize for the long time we have taken to post this update. There has been a lot of speculation about what’s going on with Float. We hope this update will answer your questions.

KIT STATUS and BACKER REWARDS: Kits will start shipping in March, with the Ministick and Penny Plane Kits shipping first, followed by the F1D Kits. We will also be posting the video tutorials in March. These videos will be instructables focusing on how to properly build, trim and fly the planes. Please look for emails and messages asking for your shipping address. I will be sending these requests out in the next week. The non Kit rewards will be mailed or available upon the completion of the film.

FILM STATUS: After the successful completion of our fundraising efforts we carried out the final production tasks needed to complete the filming of Float. Our production team travelled from New York to England, Japan, Romania and Serbia in July and August 2012 to film on location and to cover the World Championships of F1D.

We have now collected over 8 terabytes of footage over the course of three years. This amount of footage is not easy to work with, however we have captured many great moments.  Filmed on location in Argentina, England, Japan, Serbia and Romania, Float will truly represent the international competition of F1D. We interviewed many of the most important individuals in the hobby, and captured the entire 2 year F1D World Championship cycle from start to finish.

Despite out best efforts we are unable to release the film as scheduled in February 2013, however we are on schedule to submit the film to festivals in September of 2013. We are working with a post production company to assist in the remaining professional services needed. This includes editing, sound design and music supervision, and voice-over narration.We will post continual updates about the status of the film throughout this post-production process. We will also be posting an updated trailer for the documentary. All of our efforts will focus on completing and releasing the film in 2013.

We honestly appreciate all of your continued support, and apologize for the long time we have taken to update our backers. Float is a passion project for us. We have come this far and are very close to getting this project finished. However we also have other real-life responsibilities which could not take a back seat over the last few months. With that being said, we are pushing full-steam-ahead to complete Float!

Here are some photos from our journey. This is just a taste of things to come!”














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