Bill Gowen’s 2013 Science Olympiad Glider

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Click here to download a PDF of the plan.


3 Responses to “Bill Gowen’s 2013 Science Olympiad Glider”

  1. There’s no dimension on the drawing showing where the hi-point of the wing is! There is an arrow pointing to a center line, which is meaningless. Is it 25%, 30%, 33% of chord??

  2. Greg, all you have to do print a copy of the plan and measure the distance from the leading edge to the arrow that marks the high point. Then divide that distance by the total cord. You can also look at the airfoil template given in the side view. Bill Gowen is a professional draftsman. Normally, if something on his plan does not make sense it is because the reader is not correctly interpeting all of the given information.

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