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Round Valley Dome Indoor Contest Report

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Round Valley Dome Indoor Contest Report

April 6th & 7th 2013

Wednesday and Thursday PMAC members Elmer Nelson, Tom Gaylor, Bruce Grawberg, Bill Sewell, Richard Wood, and Mike Keller put on a Delta Dart building and flying session for the science class students of the Round Valley Middle School. The students each built and flew their own plane, all did very good and had a great time.

Thursday evening we had a mini seminar on tools and techniques used in building and flying indoor free flight models. Lots of good ideas were exchanged.

Friday was a practice day followed by the Saturday and Sunday contest days.

There were a lot of “rookie” indoor flyers from our club. Mike Keller who is an accomplished outdoor flyer finished ahead of Rob Romash in Catapult glider.

Rob is no rookie and darned hard to beat at indoor. Good show Mike!  Rob rallied by besting Mike in Unlimited Catapult Glider.

All the guys from Colorado had a great time and set some new site records.

Bill Leppard now holds the F1D record by a few seconds over John Kagan’s flights from last year.  No Cal Scale Mass Launch was great fun with some very nice flights by all 4 contestants.  Dick Wood, who has been doing indoor flying only since last June, is showing some real promise as are Elmer Nelson, Bruce Grawberg, Mike Keller, and Bill Sewell.

The hospitality extended to us by the dome staff and the community as a whole was outstanding. Everyone we dealt with went out of their way to see that we had a good time.

There was not a very big crowd but those who did attend all left with big smiles on their faces.

Next year the contest will be on the first weekend of April 2014 with Friday as an open practice day.

Steve Riley C.D.

Bill Leppard's F1D

Bill Leppard’s F1D

Delta Dart Flyers

Delta Dart Flyers