2013 USIC Reporting by Mike Kirda

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2013 USIC Reporting by Mike Kirda

Friday was HLS day and DonS had a beautiful model covered in microfilm.

At one point it got hung up on one of the wires or chains hanging from the ceiling. I grabbed my camera and took a sequence of photos as it was successfully recovered with minimal damage to the wing.

_MG_1541-1800 _MG_1542-1800 _MG_1543-1800 _MG_1544-1800 _MG_1545-1800 _MG_1546-1800 _MG_1547-1800 _MG_1547-1800 _MG_1548-1800 _MG_1549-1800 _MG_1550-1800 _MG_1550-1800 _MG_1551-1800 _MG_1552-1800 _MG_1553-1800 _MG_1554-1800 _MG_1545-1800 _MG_1555-1800 _MG_1557-1800 _MG_1558-1800 _MG_1559-1800 _MG_1560-1800 _MG_1561-1800 _MG_1563-1800 _MG_1564-1800 _MG_1565-1800 _MG_1566-1800 _MG_1567-1800 _MG_1568-1800 _MG_1569-1800 _MG_1570-1800

The second sequence we heard a loud SNAP and looked up. The motor on the HLS had snapped and was flailing away. I ran over to grab the camera and started snapping just after part of the fuse/stub/tailboom failed. The model crumbled and came down in a ball.

Within an hour, Don had it glued back together. He had applied a patch of microfilm and the last step was trimming it with the cautery tool. Suddenly it went POOF as the microfilm caught fire. Unfortunately no photos of this exist – but I am imagining him as Wiley E. Coyote. I hope the model is repairable and we can see it next year again.

_MG_1661-1800 _MG_1662-1800 _MG_1663-1800 _MG_1664-1800 _MG_1665-1800 _MG_1666-1800 _MG_1667-1800 _MG_1668-1800

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