Press Release: Ron Williams Building & Flying Indoor Model Airplanes

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The Cooper Hewitt Design Museum of the Smithsonian Institution has added my book, Building & Flying Indoor Model Airplanes to their shop online and at the museum. It was selected for the book’s illustrations and design. It will be interesting to see what influence it has on what people know about indoor with a new wider audience. When it was first published it sold out quickly but the publisher, Simon & Schuster, did not follow up. It was so popular in one bookstore that a copy was chained to the cash register to save the shelved copies from wear and tear. Indoor flying enjoyed a surge in the years following and a second edition was published by Peregrine Smith. This latest edition is a facsimile of the earlier editions and more information about it can be seen at <>. The book is also available from the National Free Flight Society (NFFS) and Sam’s models in England.

~Ron Williams


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  1. Excellent! I love this book and refer to it often. As I continue learning more about building and flying rubber powered (and other lightweight) miniature aircraft I return to Building & Flying Indoor Model Airplanes and I see more than I had before — I can appreciate and make use of the information even more.
    I am also happy to now know of the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum of the Smithsonian Institution. I do not get to New York often and I live in Alaska, but I will now be looking forward to an opportunity to visit!
    I hope they do more than display a copy — select and highlight then explain and discuss parts of the book that illustrate important aspects of its design. I am fairly confident (or hopeful) that they will use the opportunity to increase viewers understanding of design and make it clear why the book deserves to be there rather that just displaying it.

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