CAP – Flying

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CAP – Flying
Uwe Bundesen won the first CAP-contest in Europe. The contest was held within the German Champs for Indoor Models in 2014. There were seven competitors. The best flight times were over 5 minutes. Cap – flying is becoming popular because it overcomes some awkward properties of model impulse. Supercapacitors are cheap and readily available from several sources.
INAV  thanks Dr. Heinrich Eder for reporting on the contest.
CAP-14Click here to download a PDF of Uwe’s plan.


Uwe Bundesen with his 1st place model.


Uwe’s model near the ceiling


2 Responses to “CAP – Flying”

  1. I have always thought about a drive such as this but lack the electrical knowledge to configure one. Is the a source of info somewhere that would provide some guidance ?

  2. You do not need much electrical knowledge for CAP-Flying. Heinz Eder, Germany , will provide information and material :


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