“Krongo 14-A”

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Click here to download a PDF of the plan.

In Augsburg, Germany we held the second contest for models that use Supercaps as an energy source. The limitations were: span max. 55 cm, loading voltage 3.3 V. No limitation for the model weight and drive components were imposed. Eight competitors started in this class. The location was Augsburg Sportshall, with a ceiling height of 9.5 m. Many flights were over 5 minutes, and three topped the 6 minutes. The maximum flight time was 6:33 Рa new inofficial German record for this model class. All competitors used the 10 Farad /2.7 V Greencap  capacitors as the energy source and a 30 Ohm 6 mm pagermotor with a gear ratio 9:1 or 6.6:1 (components from The model weights ranged from 6.2 to 7 g. The record model weighed 6.8 g with a prop d=155 mm/p=115 mm made from 0,15 mm plastic foil and a 0.6 mm CF shaft.

Group-photo from the competitors

~Dr. Heinrich Eder 3.21.2015


Group-photo from the competitors


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