Nick Ray’s Cat III Record 35cm

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Nick Ray’s Cat III Record 35cm

Cat III 35cm (edited)

Click here to download a PDF of the plan.


2 Responses to “Nick Ray’s Cat III Record 35cm”

  1. Nick,

    Congratulations on the record. The whole model looks so right.

    Is the propeller truly asymmetrical or was it a slip up using the CAD’s Mirror command? The camber on wing and tail looks very low; have you a figure for it?

    John Barker – England

    • John,

      Thank you!

      The propeller drawing is accurate, but rotated so as to show a front view of the planform. I decided to try depicting it that way to save space. Obviously, it was at the expense of clarity. My apologies. I have edited the drawing to a more conventional format.

      The ribs are cut from the same template that was used on my Cat I F1D plan. So, given the short chords the camber is relatively low. Maybe around 3% on the wing and less on the tail.



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