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The Jim Richmond Open

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The Jim Richmond Open

Jim Richmond Open flyer_regs_rs copyJim Richmond Open flyer_regs_rs 2

Click here to download a PDF of the flyer.

This year the annual indoor contest at West Baden will an F1D only contest.  The contest is named the Jim Richmond Open in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Jim’s First Indoor World Championship.  The contest will be held the weekend before the 2018 Indoor World Champions, Saturday andSunday, March 17-18, 2018.  As well as being a fun contest for all to honor Jim, the event will allow two extra practice days for the WC entrants

Registration and entry fee payment will be done at the contest, however, we would like to have entrants notify the organizers of their intent to compete.  Please send an email (or private message) to Leo Pilachowski (leop at lyradev dot com).

Room reservations this year will be handled a bit differently because of the WC and the many international competitors.  The Hotel has asked that the organizers and the AMA handle the room reservations.  So, reservation requests with nights desired and a choice of one bed or two must be emailed to the above email address.  The rooms are limited at the Hotel and to make sure of availability, requests should be received by 1/1/2018. Rooms will cost $159 plus 13% tax per night.

The contest is limited to F1D class models so as to lessen the risk of damage to the F1D’s that will fly in the WC.  However, smaller, easier to build, and less fragile models built and flown to the F1D rules will be allowed as long as the models meet minimum wing, stab and prop size dimensions and maximum weight limits.  The Supplemental Regulations have more details.

Plans and build notes for such a F1D junior model will be posted.  The model is quick and easy to build from craft store balsa (my Science Olympiad students built theirs in three sessions of  two and a half hours each).  Anyone with the skills to build an LPP, A6, or P18 should easily be able to build one.