Denny Dart Mk. SO 2017

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Denny Dart Mk. SO 2017
DDMkIIHPlans-SO2018Version1 copy
Click here to download a PDF of the plan.
There really is not a whole lot to the plane that Gary Hinze doesn’t already cover in his Denny Dart Mk.IIH build tutorial.

Build it as per the plan, but without the tissue on the bottom. Tissue covering goes on last.

Prototype was covered with Esaki tissue, but dollar store tissue will work fine.

I highly recommend laying out the tissue and misting it with water, then letting it dry first before covering. Cut pieces to size, then use an iron on the highest setting to press it flat.

I like to use the back side of paper towels as a bottom surface as it gives the tissue a bit of surface rugosity. Cover immediately after pressing.

Glue sticks work great for this. Cover the center of the wing before the tips.

Only small notes I’d make:

Make sure to sand the wing tip spars at an angle to match the center spar at the dihedral breaks. You don’t want gaps here as gaps = weak point. I’d also recommend cutting small strips of tissue and reinforcing the bottom edge of the wing spars at the break.

Also will recommend doing the same with the rudder, going over the top side opposite the covered side as this area will take a lot of abuse.

Stab tilt may need adjustment, so I recommend that this joint by glued with Duco or Ambroid.

These glues can be dissolved with acetone readily for easy adjustment. The rest of the plane can be built with Titebond or Duco. I don’t recommend CA as it is too brittle.

~Mike Kirda


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