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Photos of Rainer Lotz’s F1D

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Photos of Rainer Lotz’s F1D

Lotz has incorporated the ideas of Dieter Siebenmann to create a unique model design. Lotz also wishes to credit Reiner Hofsäss and Kurt Wettstein for their aerodynamic advice and technical support respectively.

Lotz gave the following specifications for the model:

Propeller: 470mm dia, VP mechanism (original) is a copy of Ivan Treger’s design
Wing airfoil:  5% Siebenmann
Tail airfoil: no camber built in
Wing to fuselage: +2 degree
Wingtips: composite carbon/balsa
Wing Spars: 10lb balsa + 2boron

Materials: “normal” sizes for the structure and reinforces with boron—except wing spars