Lutz Schramm’s World Championship F1D

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Lutz Schramm’s World Championship F1D

 Only two models posted times in excess of 36 minutes at the 2008 F1D World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia. The champion Ivan Treger and second place finisher, Lutz Schramm.  Ivan’s model was a traditional design built to exacting standards with a refined prop hub while Lutz’s model displayed a new level of integration of composite materials.   How close was the composite model to the champion?  The difference was 29 seconds out of 71 minutes, 0.68%. Schramm 1

John Kagan, who nominated the model, reported that Lutz’s model was the talk of the contest with its innovative use of advanced materials.

Lutz says, “the special technical highlights are:  Wing post from Carbon tube; all ribs from Boron Balsa Boron layers also the propellers ribs. Rudder Outline from CFK; Propeller Outline from CFK. The propeller is without Propeller spar.”

Schramm 2

The mini-spar prop with its carbon outline shows clearly in this photo.

Schramm 3

The prop hub and carbon wing posts along with the model’s elliptical dihedral set it apart from the competition.

Please follow the link to download a PDF of Lutz Schramm’s Plan with the 2012 Propeller Design.

WM - Modell 03

Schramm Wood Sizes

Please follow the link to download a PDF of the Wood Sizes.


One Response to “Lutz Schramm’s World Championship F1D”

  1. Does anyone know the pitch distribution used on the prop? The mm listed works out to 28″ Pitch for low. The washout, if any, appears far less than on Ivan Treger’s prop.

    I’m also curious on the fabrication method used for the screw mounts on the VP hub. This method would appear to have less potential for flexing under load than the carbon yoke Ivan Treger uses. A bit more detail on the hinge method used would also be quite helpful.

    Mike Kirda

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