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When I first got back into indoor, I started carving a new prop block. Several hours later, half finished and discouraged, I stopped and did a web search and found an article describing a fixture for a bandsaw that seemed quite promising.

It took a lot of calling around to find someone with some old 1/8″ blade 6 teeth per inch stock. It must still be made, but it hasn’t been in the pipeline for years. I had them weld one up and send it to me. The fixture itself was pretty simple, using old on-hand 3/4″ nominal plywood, some screws, aluminum channel and a thick hardwood dowel. A lever arm rides up an angle and the angle defines the helical pitch.

After cutting a few for myself, I brought some to an indoor flying session. Requests for more follow.

This past year I decided to make them available more widely, so I opened a website:

I have since rebuilt the fixture a couple of times to increase the accuracy on it.

I offer blocks in both Poplar and Balsa. Normally blocks are 2.5″ wide and 2.25″ tall – wide enough for most outlines for indoor. I can make them wider within the limits of the fixture. Blocks are normally cut to 10″, but I can offer 8″ or 12″ blocks, maybe slightly longer.

Please check out the website.  I hope it will be interesting to you.


Mike Kirda

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