UpSweep 25

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UpSweep 25

K. Krempetz  4/15/2013

The UpSweep25 was the model I flew at the Indoor Nationals at Johnson City, Tn in 2012.  The design was based on Stan Buddenbohm Sweep-Two-Four.  I wanted to try a slightly larger model than the Sweep-Two-Four for the Johnson City dome so I increased the wingspan and chord.  In this design I incorporated some ideas fellow competitors have shown me over my years of flying.  The wing has a wing spar which is an idea that Bob Warmann showed me many years ago.  The wing spar is placed at the highpoint of the wing for added strength.  It also helps as a guide for sanding when shaping the airfoil.  The design also has the forward launch hook something that Stan Buddenbohm and Ralph Ray developed over the last couple of years.  I have proven to myself that with this hook design you are able to launch the model higher. Also incorporated in the design is the adjustable incidence screw something that my Dad (Ken Krempetz) and I developed many years ago.  So many thanks to all that have shared their ideas.

UpSweep 25

UpSweep 25

Click here to download a PDF of Kurt’s plan.


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