Annual Editor’s Update

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Annual Editor’s Update

Dear INAV Reads and Contributors,

It has been a little over a year since INAV was resurrected and reconstituted as a digital publication. INAV is currently being read by more people than ever before. The increase in readership is largely due to a growth in international readership. Approximately 60% of INAV readers now reside outside the United States.

In the coming year I will continue to work to ensure that INAV’s content increasingly grows to reflect its international readership. To reach this goal, I ask that everyone who reads INAV ask themselves what is going on where they fly that others might like to read about. What seems normal in one part of the world may be quite novel elsewhere.

I am pleased to announce that all of the content INAV has published in its 53 year history is now available online, free of charge, on our downloads page. Efforts have been made to make these documents searchable, though in several cases the poor quality of the original documents has led to PDFs that cannot be searched accurately. We are currently creating a PDF of the material published this passed calendar year. It will made available in the downloads section when it is complete.

Furthermore, INAV’s financial situation has stabilized. At the close of Abram Van Dover’s time as editor and publisher, Abram donated the remaining funds held by INAV to the National Free Flight Society. When I took over INAV, there was no operational budget. With the help of John Kagan, we have been able to secure annual funding for INAV through the National Free Flight Society, which covers the cost of running the website.

I want to thank all the authors who have made INAV possible this past year. I am looking forward to hearing more from you all, as well as reading new authors for the first time. I would also like to thank Nick Aikman, Mike Kirda, Tony Pavel and Jeff Hood for aiding me in searching out and soliciting content, in addition to writing articles. Thanks to its authors and readers, INAV has much to look forward to in this coming year.


Nick Ray, Editor

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  1. Dear Nick, and all other contributors, I would like to thank you for all your fine efforts. They are greatly appreciated. I will surely think about how we can contribute to INAV in the future.
    Kind greetings from Sweden,


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