2015 Kibbie Dome Annual Results

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2015 Kibbie Dome Annual Results

Contestants enjoyed another smoothly run contest thanks to CD Andrew Tagliafico. The contest spanned 5 days in the 147ft tall site. The highlights included Jake Palmer joining the 40 Minute Club and AMA National Records being established in F1D and F1R.


Yuan Kang Lee’s F1D


Ed Berray with this AROG


Larry Coslick’s F1R


Brett Sanborn’s F1D

Kibbie Dome 2015 Results

Click here to download a PDF of the results.


2 Responses to “2015 Kibbie Dome Annual Results”

  1. What is an X-15???

  2. It’s an event cooked up by Wally Miller. It’s intended to be an intermediate model between pennyplane and F1D, but I’m not sure it’s really necessary.

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