Head Lamp Review

In Uncategorized on January 4, 2016 by nicholasandrewray

Head Lamp Review

Prior to heading to Lakehurst, I asked around for recommendations for lights. I knew it would be dark so I wanted something that would work.

In the end I chose this product carried by Amazon:


  • Light is very bright and can be focused.
  • Battery lasts a long time.
  • Battery is user replaceable should it be needed later.


  • Light color is a bit rose tinted. White would be better.
  • You look like a dork when wearing it.

When working in near darkness, you can easily see your way around your table, focusing out quite wide. The light is pretty even when focused.

During Kang’s record flight at night, I could easily spot his plane by focusing to as close to a point as the light would get. The LED is square and the focused beam shows this all the way up to the rafters in Lakehurst.

Would I use this exclusively in really high ceiling venues? A larger and higher power light would be better.

However for the price and ease of use, this wins hands down.

Mike Kirda 12.29.15


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