The Origins of X-16

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The Origins of X-16

The articles and plan published below were sent to INAV by Wally Miller. The majority it of the content is of a historical nature, but there is also a discussion of possible changes to current AMA and FAI events. The suggestions presented below reflect the author’s opinions and not those of INAV. As a general policy, INAV is a neutral party, and does not have opinions about proposals to change rules.

WM 1WM 2WM 3
WM 4WM 5
WM 6WM 7X-16
Click here to download a PDF of the plan.


One Response to “The Origins of X-16”

  1. While I greatly respect Wally as a stalwart of indoor, these suggestions simply do not accomplish anything except strip records from the books which were fought long and hard for. The dismissal of F1L is absurd–it is the second most popular indoor class after LPP, neither of which should be modified. Such proposals should receive the same level of consternation as the efforts by one individual to rewrite the P-30 rules outdoors.
    VP is not a problem for indoor. It is much rather a help, and I and others have made extensive efforts to make VP accessible to indoorists worldwide having sold many state of the art VP hubs for far less than their actual worth so that beginners can learn the art of trimming with VP and have a tool for staying out of the rafters.
    Under no circumstances should AROG *ever* be modified in any way, nor should 35 cm (F1R). AROG is the oldest unmodified model airplane class of any type in the world which is still flown. To change it would be to delete a national aerospace treasure, and this class should be recognized as such, being almost completely unmodified since roughly 1930. The 35 cm class deserves the same respect, dating at least as far back as 1950 with ZERO modifications.

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