2022 Jim Richmond Open Contest Report

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West Baden, IN

March 26 and 27, 2022

The 3rd annual (should be 5th…thanks to the pandemic) is in the books.  You’ll find the results elsewhere and some of the highlights here.  This contest was well attended with 37 entries and many spectators.  There were at least 6 people entered that hadn’t been to this event before.

We knew ahead of time that there was going to be a movie premiere in the hotel atrium on Saturday night for a film shot almost entirely in West Baden.  We had agreed that the contest flying would end at 4pm on Saturday to allow the festivities to be set-up.  My wife and I walked into the hotel atrium on Friday night expecting to see our normal wide-open space, however the film company had already set-up for the premiere taking up about half of the atrium with seating, movie screen and props!  Dave Lindley (the ultimate organizer/negotiator) was on top of it and had worked out our flying area with the hotel staff.  We just had to put up with it on Saturday because it would all be gone by Sunday morning.  One benefit of the situation was that we were all invited to the premiere and could fully participate in all the activities!  All in all it didn’t turn out to be as big an issue as I thought it would.  We had a few planes land in the seating area or on props (a couple of golden devils!) but nothing we couldn’t handle.

Between the daily flying sessions we had our traditional social gathering at the German Café on Saturday night.  It was well attended with over 40 contestants and their spouses.  It’s one of the highlights of this event for me and allows for all of us to get to know each other a little better.  We thanked and toasted those who make this event possible and a couple of people who couldn’t make it this year but will always be there in spirit.

As for the flying conditions, it was the usual West Baden scenario.  Usually an inversion layer in the morning which is burned off by the sunshine in the afternoon. Even though the outside temperatures were in the 40’s the sun worked its magic each day with more sun on Sunday making for a fantastic finishing afternoon with a few new records and a couple of near records.  There were some very hotly contested events with only a few seconds separating the winners.

Alexander Welter set and reset (several times) the Sr A-6 record with a fantastic flying Gowen style A-6.  Ross Clements set a new Sr ROG Stick record with a really nice flight late on Sunday.  Nick Ray missed upping his F1R record by a mere 2 seconds!  In LPP Dave Lindley bested the field of 12 with a great flight and only 13 seconds separating 1st and 3rd with less than a minute between 1st and 6th!  The F1D event had really good scores with 4 flyers over 40 minutes.  Emily Guyett won with a great time of 49:59.  Other events that had a good number of flyers were Mini-Stick with 6 and A-6 with 12.

In the end, it was a fantastic weekend.  It was made possible by the fantastic planning and organizing of Dave Lindley and the usual hospitality of the West Baden Springs Hotel and the German Café.

Rey Mazzocco, CD


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