Don Slusarczyk’s Cat II AMA Record A-6

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Don Slusarczyk’s Cat II AMA Record A-6

Cat2_A6_Record_DonSlusarczyk3of3 copy

Click here to download a PDF of the plan.


2020 Jim Richmond Open

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JRO+2020+Flyer copyJRO+2020+Flyer copy1

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Nick Ray’s Cat I AMA Record F1R

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Nick Ray’s Cat I AMA Record F1R

Cat I F1R 4.19 copy

Click here to download a PDF of the plan.


Rey Mazzocco’s Cat III AMA Record F1L

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Rey Mazzocco’s Cat III AMA Record F1L

Rey's F1L copyClick here to download a PDF of the plan.

March 23rd 2019 looked promising at West Baden.  Sun was shining and the outside temperature was due to rise throughout the day.  I put up some flights on a new LPP earlier in the day and saw that the air was getting better as expected.  Pulled out a mini-stick and had some motorstick bending issues.  Pondered that for a while then decided it was time to fly the F1L.  Air was really starting to settle nicely.

I thought that I had it dialed in. Just had to launch it in the right spot at the right time. First flight ended up too far over to the side and got hung up in the rafters. Under high torque it flies straight for a while before it starts its turn. Luckily Mike Kirda was able to reach it with a pole from one of the balconies. I launched my second flight too flat and it immediately tucked. Launched again and it centered just to the side of the glass “pizza” after a long slow climb. Touched a beam once and dropped about 10′ then just sat there circling in the same spot. No steering necessary. When Mike Kirda told me the time was over 20 minutes I was elated since I hadn’t broken 20 minutes before in any event. I didn’t realize that it was a record until walking back to the table when several flyers congratulated me.  By that time it was after 5pm so no additional flights were possible.

The air the next day was not nearly as good due to a change in weather outside so I had to settle for one flight…but I’ll take it!

The plane itself “F1Lched”, (defined as: pilfer or steal in a casual way), was built a couple of years ago.  The design of the plane is a collection of the traits I liked from several of the currently high performing models.  The first propeller had differential flaring issues that I fought for a while before giving in and building a second one.  This second propeller has worked flawlessly.    It hasn’t been flown all that much as of yet.


Ed Berray

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Ed Berray copy


2019 Jim Richmond Open at West Baden – Results

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2019 Jim Richmond Open at West Baden – Results



Kang Lee’s Cat III F1D Record

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Kang Lee’s Cat III F1D Record

Kang F1D 4+ Cat 3 2019 copy 1Kang F1D 4+ Cat 3 2019 copy 2

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EAA Family Flight Fest 2019

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2019 Flight Fest Form Fillable copy

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Pikes Peak Ceiling Climb XIII Results

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Pikes Peak Ceiling Climb XIII
January 13, 2019
Colorado Springs City Auditorium
CDs: Don DeLoach and Tom Norell

Grand Champion – Colorado Cup
Rob Romash 19 pts
Tom Norell 13
David Aronstein 13
Don DeLoach 11
John McGrath 5

FAC Jet Catapult Scale
Tom Norell Arado 69 pts
Rob Romash XB-70 34
David Aronstein Global Flyer 39

Rob Romash 36.9+34.1 71.0
Don DeLoach 33.9+33.8 67.7
John Kagan 27.6+30.5 58.1

Standard CLG
John Kagan 37.3+35.7 73.0
Rob Romash 35.6+35.9 71.5
Tom Norell 35.1+34.3 69.6
Cass Pangell 24.0+25.0 49.0
Rick Pangell 23.0+24.0 47.0

Unlimited CLG
Tom Norell 34.3+35.8 70.1
Rob Romash 34.5+35.0 69.5
Cass Pangell 25.6+25.7 51.3
David Aronstein 23.6+23.5 47.1
Rick Pangell 22.0+23.0 45.0

FAC Peanut
Don DeLoach Fike E 125.5 pts
David Aronstein Jupiter 101
Rob Romash Contester 65

FAC No-Cal Scale
David Aronstein Meteor 8:03
Tom Norell SBD 5:00
Rob Romash Chambermaid 4:52
Cass Pangell Luscombe 2:07
Don DeLoach Spitfire XII 2:06
Tom Norell Cessna 195 3:55

FAC WWII No-Cal Mass Launch 2 rounds (time constraints)
David Aronstein Meteor 2nd
Don DeLoach Spitfire XII 3rd
Rick Pangell P-40 4th

FAC Greve-Thompson No-Cal Mass Launch – 2 rounds
David Aronstein Mr. Smoothie WINNER
Rob Romash Chambermaid 2nd
Tom Norell Chambermaid 3rd

FAC Phantom Flash Mass Launch – 2 rounds
Chuck Etherington WINNER
Tom Norell 2nd
Don DeLoach 3rd

P-18 Mass Launch – 1 round
Tom Norell WINNER
Chuck Etherington 2nd
Jerry Murphy 3rd
John McGrath 4th

P-24 Mass Launch – 1 round
Chuck Etherington WINNER
Tom Norell 2nd
Rick Pangell 3rd

Rob Romash 6:42

Easy B
Rob Romash 7:50
David Aronstein 6:27

Rob Romash 2:29

Limited Pennyplane
Rob Romash 9:07
Brett Sanborn 8:55
Don DeLoach 8:20
John McGrath 6:02
Rick Pangell 4:54

Rick Pangell 3:30
John McGrath 3:19

Tom Norell 4:59
John Kagan 4:32

John McGrath 2:41
Chuck Etherington 2:21
Jerry Murphy 1:53
Cass Pangell 1:38
Rick Pangell 1:36
Tom Norell 1:16

FAC Phantom Flash
Tom Norell 6:00
Chuck Etherington 4:35
Don DeLoach 1:11

FAC Dime Scale
David Aronstein Heath 4:35
Tom Norell MO-1 4:02
Don DeLoach MO-1 2:13


2019 West Baden Contest

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2019 West Baden Contest

The 2019 West Baden Contest will be held on March 23-24, 2019.  The flyer, which includes the Supplemental Regulations is attached.  The West Baden Springs Hotel has again reserved a block of rooms for us at a reduced rate of $169 per night (plus taxes of 13%) using the code: 0319IMA.  The block will be held through February 23rd so we suggest making a reservation before then to be assured that rooms will be available.  This is Spring Break time in Indiana and the rooms do fill quickly.

The entry fee is $55, the same as in 2017, with a $15 entry fee for juniors.  Helium will be available at a nominal (and subsidized) cost of $10.  An AMA license/membership is required for USA fliers.

The contest is open to all AMA classes except gliders, electric free flight, and bostonian.  Don Slusarczyk will be the event CD. And, finally, thanks to Bud Layne’s SpanTech (the best conveyors in the world) for providing partial sponsorship of the event.”

Please click here for more information.